Anas Baqai

Executive Director

In addition to his executive responsibilities with the Empire Group, Anas is the Chief Executive Officer founder of Propel Entertainment, one of India’s leading premier entertainment companies. Holding a Masters degree in Journalism. With a successful career in the media, Anas ventured into the world of sports journalism. It was during this time that he developed strong relationships within the the BCCI and cricketers and began procuring celebrity appearances. In working with the Indian cricketing legend Md. Azharuddin in this capacity, He realized the marketability of athletes and celebrities in India – especially with the advancement of digital and social media sources newly emerging. Establishing the brand in In 2004, he joined forces with AZZA to launch, Propel Sports & Entertainment, mirroring the successful formula of “employing powerful, media-driven celebrity and influencer-based campaigns and experiences” in the sports and entertainment realm, with support of Mohammed Azharuddin were successful to grow the business significantly at an international level worldwide. The company has since merged under the umbrella of Empire Investments


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