About Us

Holding the position of Executive Director and spokesperson for the esteemed Empire Global Group, a renowned organization with international recognition and expansive networks and expertise across diverse industries. I am deeply honored to own this role, and extend my profound gratitude to Mr. Dar and Mr. Salman, the chairmen, for this prestigious opportunity. My contributions have not only enriched the group but have also positioned us to deliver unparalleled value to our clientele. Drawing upon my global connections and forward-thinking vision, we have introduced innovative business concepts that have been instrumental in meeting the dynamic needs of our partners.

With a legacy as one of cricket’s greatest legends, my leadership is marked by qualities that are both compelling and inspirational. I take immense pride in not just elevating the brand of the Empire Global Group, but also in ensuring our clients benefit from a partnership characterized by positivity, charisma, and consistent business professionalism. Our commitment remains unwavering: to continuously evolve and adapt in order to provide our partners with exceptional solutions and services that stand the test of time.

Mr. Mohammad Azharuddin

Executive Director and Spokesperson
Empire Investments Group

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