Dar M. Scheck

Co-Chairman, BoD

Dar is a venture capitalist, dimensional business leader, a professional businessman and entrepreneur globally with an emphasis on innovative business concepts and solutions aimed at aggressive company expansion and development worldwide. With keen business acumen and an expert understanding of industrial energy, a.i. technology, aerospace & cutting-edge medical technologies focused on longevity and regeneration anti-ageing medication, nutraceuticals & pharmaceuticals. Dar has demonstrated successfully his capabilities in the development, implementation and delivery of sustainable and profitable businesses & solutions for the past 28 years, creating a combined order book value of over +8 billion/USD with his group of companies.


Other Leaders

Sallauddeen Salman

Co-Chairman, BoD

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Syed Abdul Gaffar

Partner, Executive Director, BoD

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Mr. Bray Hao

Executive Director China Affairs, BoD

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