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Empire’s Eternal Labs: The Vanguard of Holistic Health and Wellness

Empire Investments Group, a beacon of visionary business strategy and innovation, has once again showcased its acumen in the global marketplace. Identifying the latent potential within the health and wellness sector, Empire strategically spearheaded the comprehensive revitalization and transformation of a prominent Japanese nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals conglomerate, culminating in the acquisition of what is now known as Eternal Labs.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Empire Investments Group, Eternal Labs is more than just an acquisition. It represents a transformative vision brought to life—a revolutionary initiative aimed at redefining global perceptions of health and wellness by merging the time-honoured wisdom of nature with state-of-the-art scientific advancements.

This transformative journey was fuelled by years of meticulous research and exploration. The dedicated team at Eternal Labs scoured the globe for the finest, sustainably-sourced ingredients, laying the foundation for a pioneering range of daily supplements. Crafted with Swiss precision, each offering captures the very essence of nature, amplified by the latest in life sciences. These aren’t just supplements; they are daily rituals, heralding a new era of vitality and well-being. For a deeper insight into their breakthroughs and offerings, visit the Eternal Labs website.

The ethos of Eternal Labs is deeply anchored in a profound appreciation for life science. This commitment is evident in their ground-breaking work in cellular therapy, supported by an elite global cadre of bioscience researchers. Tapping into diverse domains such as nutrition, biochemistry, immunology, and genetics, every product from Eternal Labs stands as a beacon of their dedication to holistic health.

With strategic footholds in India and Switzerland, and now marking their presence in Japan, their global outreach embodies their guiding mantra: “Nature Provides. Science Empowers”. As a shining jewel in Empire’s illustrious crown, Eternal Labs is on course to redefine global health and wellness standards.

Message from the Chairmen of Empire:

“Our strategic acquisition and transformation of a renowned Japanese firm into Eternal Labs epitomizes Empire’s unyielding dedication to innovation and excellence. In a world in flux, we remain steadfast in our resolve to not only adapt but to chart the course. Our venture into health and wellness, exemplified by Eternal Labs, reaffirms our commitment to pioneering solutions for a brighter, healthier tomorrow.”


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