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Empire’s Monumental Endeavor: Spearheading a Major Oil & Gas Project

A landmark year for Empire Investments Group as they took the reins on one of the most ambitious projects in their portfolio. Setting their sights on Dhahran, the Kingdom’s Energy Capital, Empire championed the establishment and construction of a comprehensive oil and gas drilling integration project, culminating in a significant expansion of its footprint within the Saudi Arabian markets. This venture, apart from being vast in its scale, was symbolic of Empire’s dedication to pushing boundaries in the energy sector. Incorporating state-of-the-art technologies with best industry practices, this project aimed to redefine energy production standards in the region.

“Our Dhahran initiative stands as a testament to Empire’s commitment to excellence, sustainable growth, and our ability to deliver complex projects with efficiency,”

shared Mr. Dar M. Scheck, Mr. Sallauddeen Salman, Chairman of Empire.


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