KG Basheer

Executive Director, BoD

KG Basheer Ahamed is an esteemed professional holding a leadership role of Executive Director at Empire Global Group. A master in international global large-scale procurement and import/export operations, he has successfully spearheaded the supply chain functions of numerous international companies across diverse industries including Oil and Gas, Mining, Logistics, and Construction throughout the MENA region. As the Head of Procurement and Supply, his steadfast commitment to delivering remarkable supply chain solutions has consistently garnered him well-deserved accolades and recognition in the field. Through his strategic thinking and innovative approach, he has transformed supply chain operations into highly efficient, cost effective and streamlined processes, thus enhancing the productivity of the organizations. KG’s extensive experience and industry expertise bring significant value to the Empire Global Group and its esteemed clientele, fostering a culture of growth and success. His exceptional leadership skills and ability to navigate complex supply chain challenges make him a highly valuable asset to the organization.


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