Syed Abdul Gaffar

Partner, Executive Director, BoD

Mr Syed Abdul Gaffar, in addition to holding the role as a Partner and Stakeholder to Empire Investments and operating as an Executive Director and member of the board, is a hands-on Chief Executive Officer, and high calibre entrepreneur with expertise in business development, operations, commercial real estate development, large scale industrial manufacturing food mills, and the medical industry specialized in anti-ageing. Through strategic foresight, drive, and determination, he built a strong formidable foundation for his successful multi-million dollar companies over the past 26 years while strategically diversifying his brands throughout India. As a leader and self-sufficient innovator, Syed is comfortable in any role from the executive boardroom to the manufacturing floor. He is a savvy negotiator known for strong business development and relationship-building skills. Syed’s innate ability to build high-performance teams, including his strategically-selected executive management staff, has served as a growth catalyst and infused productive energy into all the workplaces he is involved in.


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